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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Tucked in on a Snowy Day 2019

I feel like this is a confessional. It has been six months since my last blog post. My post in July talked about the ugly Japanese Beetle infestation in our area and other's had experienced in the spring of 2018. Now its a Snowmageddon of such and possible blizzard next weekend.

So many things have occurred in the past six months. To much to try and cover in one post. I pretty much gave up on the blog I think because I felt; who cared. I went back and looked at how long ago I started it and what I had covered in that time period. Ten years! Ten years of opinions, perspectives, skating stories, family stories etc.  I created an Instagram account a couple years ago and have posted pictures of things in my life. Very few selfies but more of a journal.

When I started the blog, social media was not as judgmental as it is now. Let's face it we all are a little judgmental sometimes more than we should be but it is a fact and the only way you can get away from it is to lock yourself inside, not talk to anyone and let your voice be silenced.

On snowy days like we are having we tend to reflect on things because we are being held hostage by Mother Nature. Yes, it is beautiful but after a big storm like this I am ready for the buzzer to sound letting me get back to my somewhat normal daily life.  For now I am getting many projects done that had been on my list for snowy day activities.

Happy 2019. Lets see where this year the journey takes me.

2019 January Snowstorm

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