Quote for the Day

"A dream doesn't become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work" -Colin Powell

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017--The Year That Was or Wasn't

Well again. We are at the end of another year. Yes, I know some people don't even get a chance to say that. As I have watched several in memoriam segments on TV the last couple days I find a couple people that have passed on I wasn't aware they had. As you get older and cynicism sets in and you look back to see if you have accomplished all that you have wanted out of life no matter how long or short that life may be it is really only for your own benefit that we even probably put ourselves through these thoughts. Does anyone really care?

I heard somewhere recently that "blogging" is a thing of the past. Really the only people that do it is because maybe they can't say what they really want directly. For many years I have never had problems saying what I really feel either in front of or behind a blog posting. It may not always be appreciated,  my philosophy of "do you want me to lie or tell you the truth" has become a mantra year after year. Truth be told I haven't blogged as much this year as in years past. My reason at the moment...sometimes skating through life gets complicated and difficult when you do not wear the skates anymore. It isn't always about the shiny blades, white boots and costumes. It may be just about stepping on the slippery surface and hoping you can stay upright and the routine gets completed without an unexpected fall (which I did this week) and the appreciated applause at the end.

Having stated all this 2017 has been a year of embarrassment, empowerment, roadblocks, realizations, reality, sorrow, rebellion (no matter how young or old you can always be rebellious), frustrations, and several other things sprinkled in.

No one ever knows what the next year will bring. I hope to be as prepared as one can be to glide on the ice of life. To use an old skating mantra; if you feel yourself falling, relax and don't tense up. Your less liable to get hurt. Guess I better use that technique more in 2018. Only time will tell.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Another year has almost ended and the Christmas holiday is upon us already. As always we got a  head start on decorating right after the Turkey Dinner.  The weather cooperated and most decorating is in place in and outside our house. The memories of growing up came to mind when as we unpacked our artificial tree for yet another year (year nine and still the lights worked). Artificial trees have evolved many times over. The tinsel tree of my youth to the mixed plastics of today makes for some interesting conversations on whether to go real or fake once again. 
Since the family also decorates my in-laws home now due to health reasons and age, it becomes an interesting and entertaining topic at their house as well.  Last year my mother-in-law swore she had more trees in the attic than we could find. In all fairness, much of the decorations were downsized just a bit, given or sold to make memories for someone else. She indicated next year she would like another tree. I hope the tall, skinny trees become a thing of the past because as I told her, "we may just need to take the old lights off and string new one's next year". My hubby won't be a happy camper if that is the alternative.

A client of ours went into the live tree farm business in the last year. Who knows we could both win in that situation. The smell of a live tree could be a reality next year. 

In another Oh Christmas Tree story our neighbor who has a tree we have watched grow taller and taller over the last 20 years once again decided to decorate for Christmas. When the tree was manageable to self-decorate he strung lights for several years. Then when it got so tall he couldn't or wouldn't step on a ladder he stopped decorating. This year access to a lighting service in our area seemed to take the fuss out of his and many others' outside home decorating issues. My elf enjoys decorating so until he decides otherwise, will continue the tradition at our house.

 Now if he would just instruct the mean elves in the attic to please leave the blow-up outside ornaments and lights alone we would have had a decorating experience without major flaws. Think we may try a new plan of action next year on that issue.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Where Should the Thanks Go?....

Well here we are another year has come and gone and many are baking and slaving away for that big dinner tomorrow. Back's are hurting, fingers are raw and dry from hand washing after hand washing.  Trying to at least make one special dish for everyone seated at the dinner table. Wait.....

Sounds like the start of a great traditional story, but this year it won't be for my family. This is the year of the revolution.  The year to break the tradition. I seem to have heard the last several days I am not the only one who decided that I would not be cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for 2017. 

With mouths agape and looks of disbelief on many I have talked with, I am that person this year.  Don't feel bad, don't be ashamed or appalled.  The year has been filled with so many things out of control that this was one area it felt timely and right to do.

I am going to bed a little earlier. Not getting up before the crack of dawn to start the oven for the bird.  Like one of the last scenes in the movie a Christmas Story, we will be going out for dinner. No not to a Chinese Restaurant but to a restaurant where all of the arrangements will be taken care of and not a dish will we have to wash. It is the first time but may not be the last time it happens, but we are thankful for the opportunity to break from cooking.

Hoping that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner. However, and wherever is your choice.


Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Older You Get

How many times have you seen quotes about friendships? You can find just about anything on Pinterest (my go to place) for things relating to needing, keeping or releasing friends.  Many people in my lifetime have said, "pick your friends wisely".  That other go to saying "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" still definitely holds true.  You don't need to be friends with everyone. Who would want that responsibility anyway?  To tall an expectation for this five foot one and shrinking female!

I received this card from a very dear sister friend with a tiny present inside. Cards being sent is almost an unheard of gesture in this busy technology generated world we live.   It brought a tear to my eye for many reasons. First she doesn't live nearby anymore and our time together is basically phone calls or text messages. People who can call for coffee or go out on a lunch date on a moments notice are extremely lucky. I do not get that luxury much anymore.  When I called to thank her for the thoughtful gift the two hour plus phone call wasn't long enough. Life just gets in the way. Even as we get older. When you can find someone who you can share things without it going any further is a true blessing.

I have found actually that it seems in my life I have more acquaints than truly close friends.  She has listened to so much of my troubles and I her that sometimes I think we could write a book and possibly make money off of it.  It would either be a great mystery or a human tragedy but by writing standards probably a terrific read.

At a time in life where it seems like life is so precious I hope that we can maintain even from miles away our special relationship. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Running or Walking Away--What Does it Really Accomplish?

Most kids at almost any age probably fantasize about running away from home. I can remember as a youngster under teenage years, getting upset at my parents for something and wanting to get the heck out of Dodge. On one occasion I recall putting a few items in a towel and tying it to a broomstick and walking to the front door and saying "I am leaving and never coming back". I was unhappy about something and immediately thought that my first option was to walk out the door and leave home. When I was growing up I was unable to walk to school, walk down the block to a friends house or anywhere for that matter until I was 12 years old. Even then the only places I was allowed to walk by myself or with anyone was to junior high which was only a few blocks from home or to my grandparents who lived behind the junior high school. My allowable radius was pretty small even by California kid standards.  I only recall threatening to leave a few times and after reflecting figured I was better off right where I was. Growing up in a time when you feared your parents and what they would do to you if you misbehaved doesn't seem to hold true today.

I didn't actually leave the comforts of home until I was almost 21.  When I could actually leave home I never looked back. I was an adult, making money and departed at an appropriate time frame for me. Even at that age, it was a scary, sometimes unforgiving experience.

Today, on social media I have seen no less than three young people who have for whatever reason left home.  Obviously,  we don't know the whole stories of these people but it has definitely worried their parents.

One time when my kids were little we were in a chain department store shopping with a friend.  I had always instructed the kids to keep a hand on the cart while we were walking so that I knew where they were. Well they decided to leave as I was getting something off a shelf. When I turned around they were gone. Of course I freaked out but my friend had them within eye view. "Hang back so they can't see you" she said.  When they realized we were not around they raced back and never attempted to sneak away again. Several times the incident has come up in conversation as unforgettable moments.
You might at the time think you are hurting your parents or whoever is a part of the reason you are running or walking away from something.  Today, no matter where you live be it large city or small towns--it is a scary, unpredictable world out there where sometimes a quick decision you make can effect the rest of your life.  Social media can be a pro or con in making a bad situation worse or jumping to conclusion but my hope is that a bad situation can turn into a life lesson learned for these young people. 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Total Eclipse 2017

After months and months of preparations Total Eclipse 2017 is an event for the books. I have to say after having not felt the best for the past week, I wasn't really thinking that much about it but this once or twice in a lifetime phenomenon was a pretty big deal for those who live in Sedalia and those who traveled from far and wide to come and enjoy the show.

Many people spent high dollar for Amazon purchased glasses that as late as last week got e-mailed that they were not to be used for viewing. Many places around town including the 10 days of the fair had free or minimally priced ones. (Side note..did not attend the fair this year) I didn't get out much for the 10 days.

The hours leading up to the eclipse brought some interesting observations. At one point it was forecast to have possible rain in the area but it remained cloudy and overcast almost the entire time prior to the peak of viewing.

Although, I did attempt to build a viewing box the old-fashioned way to view the eclipse my granddaughter and I last minute decision was to go to church since they had free glasses available if you brought canned goods for the local food pantry. On the short drive around town earlier on traveling down the highway many people pulled into the various parking lots around town with folding chairs, cameras and glasses and prime spots to view the event.  A small group was assembled as time got closer, the weather got cooler as the sun and moon inched closer and closer to full eclipse. As darkness approached a silence covered the area. Not a sound was heard for that brief moment until the confusion of the birds and cicadas conversed. The hush was deafening.  As the show began to end it wasn't until later in the evening after watching some of the reports on television on just how magnificent the event really was.

 With all the constant turmoil around it was absolutely wonderful how this event brought a needed peace among people everywhere.

It takes a special event for people to stop and smell the roses or in this instance to stop and be totally eclipsed by the sun and moon.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Time Perspective Summer 2017

It is completely obvious to me that time has a way of not only catching up to you but also playing extremely mean tricks with your mind sometimes. It is bad enough that I have gotten slightly behind on certain things--namely blogging. When I looked at a friends' blog recently and noticed she has had an awful lot to contribute I took a moment and realized it had been almost 4 months since I sat down and blogged.

I wish I could say I was off traveling the world or that I was having fun doing nothing. Unfortunately, it hasn't always been the case. Oh yes, I have taken the time to read. My day is never complete unless I have read even if its while drinking coffee in the morning or wine in the evening outside while also multi-tasking and enjoying some of the cooler summer evening sunsets on my back patio.

We managed to get half of our floor tile project accomplished. Of course the easiest tile install resulted in some choice words from hubby. Don't ever just go by the "it is suppose to be lock and easy" description on the minimal directions. But hey it looks wonderful. And its one less thing on the long list of items. Unfortunately, I am still trying to get the house back into order before the next project requires me to tear the house apart once again.

Managed a trip to view the blooming plants and mythical creatures at our favorite garden. It was a hot day but well worth the road trip. I am sure we will hopefully visit a few more times before the weathers turns.
"Skittles Bush" Powell Gardens, MO

A last minute meet up with my daughter and yoga instructor recently provided  a fun diversion for us all. They were painting "virgins" but I had took my brush to canvas before. They both captured the rolling hills, sunset, and tree visions spot on. My tree envy in the middle turned out well. Next time maybe a little wine may help to cultivate my tree growth.
Audrey, Cindy and Jennifer (Artists in Training)

Along with planting my own backyard garden with flowers, bushes and tomato plants this year my green thumb seems to be doing rather well this year.

Along with all the other functions I attend, appoints I must schedule in for family and squeeze as much fun time in my summer is going way too quickly for my taste. My want list gets sometimes hazed over with my need to do list.  But just like politics those blurred lines seem to creep into your life whether you want them to or not.

Summer is suppose to be filled with fun, adventure and time for doing the things you really want to do. Our family has had to deal way to much lately with funerals, and illnesses. A dear friend moved to her final resting place as well as three of Davids' family members very close together. 

I can only hope that what few summer remaining weeks are left will not be "eclipsed" by anything unexpected.  Except maybe on August 21st when probably the last eclipse I will ever experience will happen. Perspective; the last eclipse like this happened in 1979. I was freshly out of high school and on my way to being a career girl. August 21, 2017, oh so much has happened since then Wow! does that put time into perspective!