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"A dream doesn't become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work" -Colin Powell

Thursday, April 6, 2017

What to Do When You May Need a Donut Double

At a time when sometimes I think I truly need a maid to clean up my house, a personal stylist to do my hair, makeup and to pick out my clothes each day and maybe just an all around personal assistant, I really thought I would need to add to the list this week--a donut double.

Hurts Donut Company Emergency Sedalia Delivery

Late last week I had an event pop up on my Facebook feed. It caught my eye because DAH it was donuts. I have many friends around the country who brag about designer donuts. I have watched an episode of Diners, Drivers and Dives and many other Food Network programs dealing with my kryptonite. At a time when every organization around the country is trying to find a new and exciting fundraiser to hold Child Safe came up with a terrific one. Hurts is based out of Springfield, MO just a hope skip and approximately 170+/- miles from our town. The hoopla surrounding the paramedic truck deliveries, lights and sirens and general great advertising-wrapped concept is one, frankly these parts doesn't experience often. 

So, my first plan was to be at the not so secret sight prior to touch down. Unfortunately, a slight glitch intervened and I thought my donut experience was gone at least for yesterday. But as the planets and or donuts aligned I was able to get the unscheduled appoint finished and still have time to buzz over in the rain, cold, every-changing lovely Missouri weather and take my place among the other donut aficionados. It was an experience listening to the various conversations around me. Most in my selection of the line seemed to be young, college students who decided to miss classes for the event. Young mothers with children who from my perspective could have cared less about waiting in line for even these special donuts.

As stated in the local newspaper, approximately 850 dozen donuts were made available for the fundraiser and 10% of sales was going to Child Safe.  I haven't heard yet whether they completely sold out. I know I bought my fair share and yes I even shared with several people.  Some commented why would you stand in line for what some call expensive donuts? Well it was for a cause and maybe just maybe someone will invest in a franchise for our town. You never know? Stranger things have happened in 20+ years. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

International Women's Day 2017--What Did you Do to Celebrate?

Wednesday, March 8th was designated International Women's Day.  Most people have differing views of why this day is important or why it should be celebrated but many who still believe in its significance made it important for them throughout the day.  The color red was designated as the color to wear to show that you were choosing to honor the women of the past, present and future.  Strangely enough, when I looked in my closet I realized that I didn't have anything "red" to wear. Then I remember that I recently purchased a yoga shirt that was actually a slightly different shade from the red family; burgundy. On the front of the shirt it says "Take Chances".  Rather fitting statement for the day. Its interesting how color designated for certain days shows a sort of solidarity yet we try and break down the color barrier for being equal.  The color red is a power color, fierce, strong and bold.

Throughout the day I not only thought about women throughout my life that had struggles or achievements that were well deserved but I often take time to think about the women before me that influenced my personal attitude toward what I believe today. Providing facts and information can be difficult now. What is one persons fact can be another person's fiction. Experience sometimes can be a better learning tool than anything.

I grew up as a child given up for adoption my mother had a choice and she made it. At a time where secrets were many and wild stories still come from out of the woodwork in my situation; life gives you tools to be able to learn and grow from it.

Acceptance is a hard word for people today. I don't always accept what is right in front of me. Sometimes it takes many scenarios to get me to change my viewpoint and sometimes I just enhance the viewpoint more.
After my early years of just excepting what was and turning the other cheek time and time again, I sometimes still find I am surrounded by people who are just happy and don't want to "ruffle any feathers". Well just remember the women who ruffled those feathers in history for you and I so that we can vote, go to school, drive, work at any job, fly in space, be doctor's, lawyer's, police officer's, fire fighter's, in the military, inventors, etc. They weren't celebrating they were living life struggles so you could celebrate.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

She Persisted--The Quote Heard Around the World; Hopefully

Well when I should be getting a million things done at once after an extremely long and painful day yesterday, I woke up this morning to the words "she persisted". I then watched a short video about a woman unlike many other women who have said, "you know what your going to listen". Sometimes even when someone either stays silent or finally comes to a braking point (from which I did yesterday also) and says, " look, something has to give, you may not like it, but this is the new reality.

Persistence will work no matter what the task is at hand. Sometimes you want to stand at the highest point possible, and scream as loud as you can. That will work for a moment, but in the end persistence is the key.

I know if I hadn't been persistent much of my life I probably wouldn't be the person I am today. Sometime people can't understand my whole reasoning but you know, that's ok. I usually am the one person willing to take the flack, stand up and although I might not always be the most diplomatic about my delivery the "deer in the headlights" response to me means I woke you up and now you are thinking. Sure you have heard the statement "no easy way to put it?"

Sometimes people have turning points. Mine came midway through a life that I had lived pretty well to that point. Information can be another turning point. Today we wonder what information is correct, if we should speak or just stay silent.

Everyone has choices, some that we don't always want to face but in the end persistence seems to be right at the top of the list or the top of Capitol Hill. Don't kill the messenger, that message may be an important one.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

We Are Going to Make It After All

Such an inspiring quote of its time. At the time when the Mary Tyler Moore show was actually airing I didn't watch it very much. Later in years I watched reruns and  learned to understand what it was to "make it". This past week MTM passed away. She not only portrayed many special model women of the times but many women along the way aspired to be the Mary Richards of the world. In 2017 it sometimes can still be a struggle for some.

The first few weeks of 2017 have made many wonder if we will make it. After being sick for a week I too wondered the same thing. After running, at full speed at life, sometimes your body tells you, "hey you stop and take a breath". Too many irons in the fires of life do catch up and it definitely did for me. I took the time to relax and catch up on a few things while lounging.

 Of course I took time to watch the U.S. Figure Skating National Championships which this year was hosted in Kansas City, MO at the Sprint Center. Although I had been asked if I was going to attend, I was glad I actually didn't buy tickets-- twofold. I would have hated to be out the money and not be able to attend due to sickness. (This is why I pretty much now hate to extend my self out for anything long term especially where money is involved). We really never know from one day to the next if life interrupted will rear its ugly head.

My summary of the event would probably be many different ways. It was history making to see Nathan Chen land not 1, not 2 but 5 quad jumps. His jumps are superhero-like and not sure if he continues on the road he is that he can be beat at the 2018 Olympics. Lets home he stays healthy and injury free since he has already been injured several times already for such young bones.  My big concern for him and all the other "quaddies" is many have already had bone breaks, strains, pulls in high volumes. Have we pushed the envelope enough?? Instead of pushing for the quads or whatever could be after that which would probably be humanly impossible lets just have a clean program with equally competitive jumps, spins, footwork and overall appeal.  My observation was we still have a long way to go to revamp figure skating (did it really need revamping?). Sometimes I think the "back to basics" might be a better choice. Some of the national participants seemed burned out already at ripe, young ages.  As I have always said when most learn to skate at such young ages it becomes harder and harder to have the zest for the sport and after years and years of hard work, money, changes you often wonder "are they going to make it". To not have the spark at the Nationals especially when it is televised can sometimes show a truly beautiful sometimes misunderstood sport in a not so great light.

 Although it seems as if more disappointments: I didn't appreciate the over abundance of white costumes, the lack of clean skates, the one piece body suits, the ability to hear several of  the scratchy skaters (apparently the sound/camera person was closer than need be to the ice) and sadly from reported by commentators the problems with the hard/soft ice conditions. An acquaintance went to the final exhibition show and said it was very enjoyable.  Sorry, the critic in me will always be at the forefront and won't go away.

Overall conditions are never ideal and truth be told skaters at this caliber should be versatile enough to work around it. That is why it is Nationals.

Everyone takes a path in life, it may not be always the best way and sometimes you have to go to hell and back but I try and think, although I am not always on the right road, lane or street I hope somehow we can make it after all. It's hard to say to use the path with the least resistance but in our world of resistance at every corner, nook and cranny. Just staying on the road can be an accomplishment.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

End of the Year--Beginning of the Year

Try as I might several times actually, unsuccessfully I have attempted to pen thoughts on the end of the year and what to look forward to at the beginning of 2017. Well lets just say, "I have given up". Let's face it 2016 seems like a year in a nutshell best described as a nightmare, highs, lows and basically a year that should be chalked up to as "a hell of an experience". I guess some would call it life. Just the fact that personally most of us made it through the year is a miracle.

Looking into the first 14 days of 2017, personally I am in day 2 of waiting for a maga ice storm. As per usual,some of the media has hyped it to out of proportion levels. Our local stores have been pounded all week of people shopping as if it is the last supper, zombie apocalypse or whatever the term you choose.  What are we to do? Some people have been sucked in but mostly realistic people are staying put until the all clear sign which probably won't happen until Monday if we are lucky.

So for the most part, we wait, keep busy, look to the future and hope for the best. I choose to post an array of pictures of what the possibilities are. We are still waiting for that 15 inches of expected snow this winter. Of course we could still get it all in one day. I surround myself with beach sunset pictures or beach views of my former life, and look toward when my plumeria flowers will bloom in who knows what color this year. 2017 it too is looking to be a dud or a doozie; what do you think?

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Stop in at your Neighborhood Cobbler

I am pretty sure that some who actually read my posts may have to Google cobbler; not the kind you eat for dessert.

 I recently discovered I had a wardrobe malfunction of a very serious kind. Nothing was exposed thank goodness but I dug out my boots for the winter and remembered that I had a flapping strap on one boot. I am not entirely sure where I lost the grommet that kept the flap down but knew that I had to fix the problem and quick because the flip flopping was driving me more crazy than normal.

Although, they are just regular dress boots, it brought back wonderful memories of my skating days and all the special hands that kept my figure skates and many other skaters equipment in tip top shape.  It didn't matter what ice rink I went to in my career you always had someone either inside the rink or across the street or nearby that you could trust basically with your skating life to fix your skates or blades in a pinch. 

Those wonderful cobblers were definitely like the characters in the stories by Hans Christian Andersen fame. Working the magic to get them in tip top shape brought back a flood of memories when I walked into our Cusack's Shoe Repair shop in our town. It is definitely a lost art. That leather and polish smell brought a tear to my eye not because of the various smells but because of the many years and many, many shoes, boots or purses this man has fixed over the years. He is definitely a much needed business in downtown Sedalia, even today.

If my blade had a screw missing, my blades needed sharpening or dulling, new skating boots needed dyeing or stretching or some other occasional problem, you had a place to take it and whether it be a quick fix or a long operation you knew that it would be done correctly. Skating cobblers much like regular shoe repair workers always had wonderful stories to share.

I always learned some interesting stats, tidbit memories of skater's long since past.  I am sure that Mr. Cusack has had some famous feet walk into his shop over the years. A cowboy or two, maybe local political figure or someone just passing through town. He took but a moment to fix my flapping problem for me. I told him how it had been a long time since I had been in for a repair and when he told me it would be a simple $1.00 for my problem, my mouth probably dropped to the floor. I really tried to give him much more than that, but of course he declined. "You keep it sweetie". "I am just glad you stopped in".

I am too, Mr. Cusack; I am too.

Monday, November 14, 2016

The Rainbow Bridge Not Just a Crossover for Animals

Correct me if I am wrong, and boy I am always corrected when given the opportunity; this has been the week from hell! It is definitely times like most recent weeks, I would love to be able to walk out the door with my skate tote on my shoulder and go to my home ice rink of years ago and just skate as fast as I could. Alas, those days are gone forever. That would mean living in the past and heaven forbid, those days we are told to leave behind us. Things almost always change in an instant these, days and you have to have your running shoes and not figure skates to keep up.

When I attempt to wrap my mind around the last several weeks I pretty much stop because my mind is like mush. This past year has been like what I would anticipate playing chess is like. I have never taken the time or had the inclination to actually play the game but in actuality I guess everyone pretty much in life plays without knowing they are.  In every game you have a winner and loser.

This week I felt I was constantly on the losing side of most situations. I won't get into the political part of it entirely but don't assume you know my response unless you really truly know me. I voted end of story. If you think or assume you knew who I voted for you probably would be wrong on that too.

People do not like to hear the negative and especially when it comes to something or someone you care about. Several weeks ago we got the sad news that our Snookie had mouth cancer.  Yes the damned "C" word. Another life cursed by hell. Unfortunately, or fortunately it was not long before we had to make the decision to have him escorted across the rainbow bridge. It was the first and only time I hope I have to make that type of decision for an animal. He had a long life of almost 14 1/2 years. He provided hours of everything imaginable. Joy, havoc, sleepless nights, opinions only a little four-legged creature could provide. Some may think he was spoiled rotten and he was.  He was a little life-long companion for our other 14 1/2 dog Scooby who is still with us and with time we all will go on and he will be waiting at the end of the bridge.

Many bridges in life are rocky. We all must cross certain bridges we would rather not. Some more than others. Solid ground is my preferred path at least for the foreseeable future. I guess only time will tell. I do still have my skates so may bring them just in case.

To quote two individuals this past week "Don't panic" and "Only the Good Die Young".