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"A dream doesn't become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work" -Colin Powell

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

International Women's Day 2017--What Did you Do to Celebrate?

Wednesday, March 8th was designated International Women's Day.  Most people have differing views of why this day is important or why it should be celebrated but many who still believe in its significance made it important for them throughout the day.  The color red was designated as the color to wear to show that you were choosing to honor the women of the past, present and future.  Strangely enough, when I looked in my closet I realized that I didn't have anything "red" to wear. Then I remember that I recently purchased a yoga shirt that was actually a slightly different shade from the red family; burgundy. On the front of the shirt it says "Take Chances".  Rather fitting statement for the day. Its interesting how color designated for certain days shows a sort of solidarity yet we try and break down the color barrier for being equal.  The color red is a power color, fierce, strong and bold.

Throughout the day I not only thought about women throughout my life that had struggles or achievements that were well deserved but I often take time to think about the women before me that influenced my personal attitude toward what I believe today. Providing facts and information can be difficult now. What is one persons fact can be another person's fiction. Experience sometimes can be a better learning tool than anything.

I grew up as a child given up for adoption my mother had a choice and she made it. At a time where secrets were many and wild stories still come from out of the woodwork in my situation; life gives you tools to be able to learn and grow from it.

Acceptance is a hard word for people today. I don't always accept what is right in front of me. Sometimes it takes many scenarios to get me to change my viewpoint and sometimes I just enhance the viewpoint more.
After my early years of just excepting what was and turning the other cheek time and time again, I sometimes still find I am surrounded by people who are just happy and don't want to "ruffle any feathers". Well just remember the women who ruffled those feathers in history for you and I so that we can vote, go to school, drive, work at any job, fly in space, be doctor's, lawyer's, police officer's, fire fighter's, in the military, inventors, etc. They weren't celebrating they were living life struggles so you could celebrate.