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Thursday, April 6, 2017

What to Do When You May Need a Donut Double

At a time when sometimes I think I truly need a maid to clean up my house, a personal stylist to do my hair, makeup and to pick out my clothes each day and maybe just an all around personal assistant, I really thought I would need to add to the list this week--a donut double.

Hurts Donut Company Emergency Sedalia Delivery

Late last week I had an event pop up on my Facebook feed. It caught my eye because DAH it was donuts. I have many friends around the country who brag about designer donuts. I have watched an episode of Diners, Drivers and Dives and many other Food Network programs dealing with my kryptonite. At a time when every organization around the country is trying to find a new and exciting fundraiser to hold Child Safe came up with a terrific one. Hurts is based out of Springfield, MO just a hope skip and approximately 170+/- miles from our town. The hoopla surrounding the paramedic truck deliveries, lights and sirens and general great advertising-wrapped concept is one, frankly these parts doesn't experience often. 

So, my first plan was to be at the not so secret sight prior to touch down. Unfortunately, a slight glitch intervened and I thought my donut experience was gone at least for yesterday. But as the planets and or donuts aligned I was able to get the unscheduled appoint finished and still have time to buzz over in the rain, cold, every-changing lovely Missouri weather and take my place among the other donut aficionados. It was an experience listening to the various conversations around me. Most in my selection of the line seemed to be young, college students who decided to miss classes for the event. Young mothers with children who from my perspective could have cared less about waiting in line for even these special donuts.

As stated in the local newspaper, approximately 850 dozen donuts were made available for the fundraiser and 10% of sales was going to Child Safe.  I haven't heard yet whether they completely sold out. I know I bought my fair share and yes I even shared with several people.  Some commented why would you stand in line for what some call expensive donuts? Well it was for a cause and maybe just maybe someone will invest in a franchise for our town. You never know? Stranger things have happened in 20+ years. 

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