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"A dream doesn't become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work" -Colin Powell

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Time Perspective Summer 2017

It is completely obvious to me that time has a way of not only catching up to you but also playing extremely mean tricks with your mind sometimes. It is bad enough that I have gotten slightly behind on certain things--namely blogging. When I looked at a friends' blog recently and noticed she has had an awful lot to contribute I took a moment and realized it had been almost 4 months since I sat down and blogged.

I wish I could say I was off traveling the world or that I was having fun doing nothing. Unfortunately, it hasn't always been the case. Oh yes, I have taken the time to read. My day is never complete unless I have read even if its while drinking coffee in the morning or wine in the evening outside while also multi-tasking and enjoying some of the cooler summer evening sunsets on my back patio.

We managed to get half of our floor tile project accomplished. Of course the easiest tile install resulted in some choice words from hubby. Don't ever just go by the "it is suppose to be lock and easy" description on the minimal directions. But hey it looks wonderful. And its one less thing on the long list of items. Unfortunately, I am still trying to get the house back into order before the next project requires me to tear the house apart once again.

Managed a trip to view the blooming plants and mythical creatures at our favorite garden. It was a hot day but well worth the road trip. I am sure we will hopefully visit a few more times before the weathers turns.
"Skittles Bush" Powell Gardens, MO

A last minute meet up with my daughter and yoga instructor recently provided  a fun diversion for us all. They were painting "virgins" but I had took my brush to canvas before. They both captured the rolling hills, sunset, and tree visions spot on. My tree envy in the middle turned out well. Next time maybe a little wine may help to cultivate my tree growth.
Audrey, Cindy and Jennifer (Artists in Training)

Along with planting my own backyard garden with flowers, bushes and tomato plants this year my green thumb seems to be doing rather well this year.

Along with all the other functions I attend, appoints I must schedule in for family and squeeze as much fun time in my summer is going way too quickly for my taste. My want list gets sometimes hazed over with my need to do list.  But just like politics those blurred lines seem to creep into your life whether you want them to or not.

Summer is suppose to be filled with fun, adventure and time for doing the things you really want to do. Our family has had to deal way to much lately with funerals, and illnesses. A dear friend moved to her final resting place as well as three of Davids' family members very close together. 

I can only hope that what few summer remaining weeks are left will not be "eclipsed" by anything unexpected.  Except maybe on August 21st when probably the last eclipse I will ever experience will happen. Perspective; the last eclipse like this happened in 1979. I was freshly out of high school and on my way to being a career girl. August 21, 2017, oh so much has happened since then Wow! does that put time into perspective!

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